Basic Difference between Termites and Ants You Should Know

Both look almost the same but there is a lot of difference between them. The common thing about both of them is that you never want them in your homes. You always want to get them throughout from your homes. To achieve this target effectively you have to call a pest control company to cope with the issue. Here are some differences you must know between Termites and ants.


Termites can cause huge damage to your home and infrastructure and you have to pay a very huge amount to tackle this issue and to repair the damaged items. Termites attack is not a surprising thing it can happen anywhere but timely action matters a lot.

They did not eat food from your kitchen and store. They feed on wood, paper products and other items of cellulose origin. They eat and convert wood into organic matter which is very useful in soils enrichment. It sounds positive but the issue is that you have to pay a heavy cost for that. If you have a wooden house than it’s a matter of serious concern because they make tunnels and hollow the inner wood causing it to fall easily.

If you see any sign of termite attach, decide smartly and take services of pest control company urgently to hinder its growth. A timely and wise decision can prevent you from a major loss.


The most common insect you can find anywhere in homes is an ant. Ants didn’t harm you and didn’t cause loss of your interior or infrastructure. They have a strong signalling system of hormones which tell them about food and then ants reach there.

They can pass through tinny holes or cracks and can reach their destination. They get to the food you have left on the kitchen shelve or can penetrate any loose food item.

Carpenter ant lives in wooden places but it didn’t eat wood like termites. One major difference in ants and termites is that ants have a very short life but termites have a long life and they can live for almost a decade. Termites didn’t bite humans but insects sometimes bite human when you irritate them or cause hurdles in their path.

Both have major differences but the presence of both irritates you. One will harm your infrastructure and other easts and contaminate your food. So to get rid of them call pest control company and ask them to provide their services to remove these pests.

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