It is best to locate their nest first to efficiently eradicate them.

I killed some termites at home. I believe I don’t have them now.

There are millions of termites living in a single colony. Killing only a few of them won’t resolve anything. In this scenario, it will only make them go elsewhere. It’s recommended to call a professional to completely eradicate termite infestation.

We used eco-friendly pest removal chemicals for a safe treatment. For precautionary measure, you may stay outside until the treatment process is done.

You don’t have to worry about that. Our pest spray is a water-based chemical which won’t stain your walls and carpets.

Don’t worry too much because our sprays have low toxicity levels. You just need to wash properly the part of your body that touched it.

To ensure that we did our job appropriately, we offer a warranty. This will guarantee you that we do the best to fix the issues. Our team doesn’t want the infestation to occur again. That is why we do the job properly.

Our pest control services are very affordable. We guarantee you that the offered services are budget-friendly.

Yes, they do but will shortly die as they cross over the chemical treatment that we’ve put down.

At least once a year for a termite inspection. Some private estate requires twice a year on white ant treatments. Ideally, at least once a year for general pest control services.

You must hire a specialist to fully remove them. The best time in exterminating them is during the winter season because they are least active.

Bed bugs will die eventually when they come across over the sprayed area.

Surprisingly, normal pesticides aren’t effective in eliminating cockroaches. Our professional team can help you eliminate them by using our specialised pest control chemicals. You don’t have to worry because it’s safe and effective.

Preventive treatment must be done yearly. This is to ensure that your home is pest-free.

Wasps are very dangerous. You should keep yourself away before they sting you. It is highly recommended to call a licensed specialist to eradicate the nest successfully.

We only apply a gel to these areas. Our team won’t use liquid spray. It’s fine leaving your kitchen cupboards as they are.

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